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numbers. >> reporter: he now has 160 employees. >> i think the economy is really picking up. >> reporter: ryan brauton is one of those new workers. he left his job in construction and decided to become a machinist. >> i chose manufacturing for a reason that it does not seem to be affected by the economy. >> reporter: he tripled his research and development budget during the recession. it has paid off. anderson is building this new plant. >> that's the reason why we're moving. we do have plans to continue hiring. >> reporter: nationally the economy has added an average of 145,000 jobs over the past three months. unemployment has not been this low since january of 2009. >> yes, we are finally below that 8% level, but it is still indicative of a slow go environment. >> reporter: much of the drop in the unemployment rate is attributed to the growth of part-time jobs. >> i didn't even get responses to my resume. >> reporter: 56-year-old amy crawford was forced to take a minimum wage job in a restaurant when she could not find full-time work as a home designer. >> it forces two in the bush. i'
will that be enough to reignite pc sales, right now they're significant a tough economy, the tablet wars and sales in emerging countries are some things weighing on the pc company. >> and that, you see, nicole, windows 8 will make all the difference in the world in the pc market and i'm telling you. >> yeah, i've got muscle, i've got microsoft muscle. i hope for you, stuart. stuart: thank you. dow jones industrials opening with a rally back above 13,400. 57 this morning. to the jobless numbers we brought. the number looks good on surface, 339,000 new claims, down 30,000, a big drop. you have to look deeper, the labor department says one large state didn't report their numbers. that really changes things. this number certainly can't be compared to any previous numbers because that one big state, unnamed, is missing. we'll likely get the real number about a week from today, maybe, when this number may be revised, but why would you put out an incomplete report? i ask you. the newest poll from michigan shows mitt romney tightening the race there. president obama still leads by 6 points, 50-44. michiga
. in all three battleground states, voters by double digits believe the economy is getting better compared to the numbers back in july. >> and mark halperin, that may be the big takeaway from this poll. the race is getting much closer. nobody can predict what's going to happen. if you look at a big friend, thoug trend, you've got to look at a lot of americans in these swing states are looking at the economy saying things are getting better. >> it's clearly a huge factor and yet, obviously, the debate from denver is also a huge factor. i think, you know, we look a lot at the margin of error, and these numbers aren't shifting all that much. what's key is in a lot of the states the president is below 50. that's a danger sign for him. the economy is getting better. it all goes back to the electoral college. you play with the numbers, look at these polls, romney still has to win six or seven or maybe eight of the battleground states in order to take this. and right now he's not there. but he's in a better position clearly than he was a week ago. the economy getting better has caused romney to s
profit corporations are not putting back into our or economy. the largest beneficiary would be california. we want to see what the cutting edge is. most of a still look for california. -- loomost of us still look to california. what governor brown said about the traditional politics is all about taking the thing in making it fresh. to a certain extent, i tried to be a writer in college. i failed miserably. a professor said everything has been set but not everything has been said superbly. even if it had, everything must be said freshly again and again. you have to see a fresh lead to a certain extent. the real issue with -- in terms of asking the president, what are the things that matter most, a bass part of those profits would be invested in california. colorado would have a significant -- pretty much every state in the country would benefit. you look at the companies based in silicon valley. they have offices, you want to expand your business, think about those young people in colorado. everything -- stated say the same thing. that money would get spent over the country v
standards that are fueling part of the jump. >> and there are new signs the economy is improving. unemployment fell to its lower level since 2008. this is the first time it's been under the 8% mark in four years so there is a significant event. mitt romney says the drop isn't good enough. >> reason its come down is more people just stopped looking for work. >> this news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to store points. it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> this romney campaign feeling energized but the jobs report may squash some of the phone shall momentum. stocks rally early and there is a mixed closing dow closed at 13610. >> new unsealed legal documents reveal details in the case of a san jose teacher accused of child molestation. that indicates the principal knew the lurid detail buzz failed to report the teacher. >> there is almost since she was initially charged in this case attorneys have been trying to keep notes sealed and there is a three pages. the principal wrote almost a year ago. >> this teacher is facing felony charges,
owned this old san francisco creamery for nearly eight years. despite the economy is not made to make changes for the prices in two years. >> right now they are eating out more. and if they want something fast, casual. and something that is probably not going to hit them in the pocketbook that hard. >> the research bureau of statistics saying that there has been an average of 21,000 new jobs each month at food and drinking establishments. that accounts for 85% of the employment gains in the hospitality industry st. >> are you going to be hiring? >> yes. >> because we're getting to a were busier season we could hire a few more staff members. >> the summer was slow but recently more and more are dining... business people are -- going out to eat. >> this positive trend. there is more splurge. they wine. -- more expensive bottles the weekend. however, more restaurants are slated to open it that the outlook is improving. >>jacqueline: some clouds but all types of clouds. however, some of varied systems towards the increase with even a rain chance is on monday. first, the events this weeken
the president's debate performance to the improving economy. more on that with mark matthews. >> good morning. >> in san francisco, one sign of an improving economy, shoppers lined up around the block for the opening of the clothing store. >> i feel like we have picked up in the economy. but i don't know. i don't know for the rest of the country. >> the labor department statistics show the rest of the country is also improving 114,000 new jobs added in september. the revised numbers for july and august show 86,000 more jobs than originally reported, taking away a favorite line of mitt romney's stump speech. >> we've had 43 straight months of unemployment above 8%. >> romney supporters are now questioning the new labor numbers. >> i wouldn't bet my mortgage on the numbers being correct. >> but the fact the president's approval rating has been climbing, suggests that people feel more hopeful. >> the more cranes you see around town, it's a sign the economy is boosting. >> it's going to get better. it's stabilizing. >> he's been selling flowers at union square for 66 years. he's not a supporter o
interrupting each other. >> for 3409 minutes voters saw two dramatically different visions on the economy. >> the last people who need help are 120,000 families for another, another 500 billion dollar tax cut over the next ten years. >> our entire premise of these tax reform plans is to grow the economy, and create jobs. >> to national security threats like a nuclear iran. >> and if they get nuclear weapons, other people in the neighborhood will pursue their nuclear weapons, as well. >> war should always be the absolute last resort. >> reporter: for the most part it was a substantive debate between two longtime lawmakers who tried to disagree without being too disagreeable. >> when my friend talks about -- >> reporter: biden avoided any trade mark gaffes but did provide a little levity. >> this is a bunch of stuff. look, here's the deal -- >> what does that mean a bunch of stuff? >> well it means it's simply inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> we irish call it malarkey. >> okay. >>> so much to talk about out of this debate. martha raddat zpchlt, i thought she was terrific. >> absolutely. if the
than we -- a lot more beer than we used to. >> how those pints provide a snapshot of our economy. ,, dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. a safeway, is being kept in >>> a bay area mother accused of ditching her daughter while trying to steal groceries at a safeway is being kept in jail. 38-year-old marcy erico did not enter a plea in court today. she was declared a flight risk after learning she already tried leaving the state and has relatives in wyoming. the d.a. says if released she wouldn't show up for the next court appearance. >> her daughter's pre
of oakland. we think it's an economy issue also. >> they say they have 52,000 followers on their facebook page. a's manager said they have no plans to remove the tarps for the division playoffs. >> the mayors of cincinnati and san francisco have placed a friendly wager on the game tonight. edwards lee and mark mallory from cincinnati will bet, benefiting the youth sports programs. larry beil brings us up-to-date with the morning sports report. >> good morning. here's the problem with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games to get one chance. and an umpire blows a call that kills you. it happened in the braves-cardinals game last night. in atlanta former president jimmy carter enjoying the action. you like this. molina with a drive to right. jason heyward fighting the sun, back to the wall and makes the catch! spectacular concentration. top of the sixth, former a, matt holliday, solo homer off of kris medlen. 4-2, cardinals. meltdown in the eighth. pete going out on this pop-up. holiday comes in. the ball drops they called the infield fly rule so the batter is automatically out. instead o
to be, all those things that economies you as well as our own policies to entice growth. >> that implies to me this kind of hybrid, taking into account what we think will happen but also some direction because i know is that the projections were high in the santa clara county which actually is more auto centric, more spread out; it seems that would be counter intuitive considering senate bill 375. >> when you dig down to santa clara in general, oakland, san francisco san jose are taking on a substantial part of the growth. the region came up with a few scenarios and one is that they were all kind of anti-sprawl; some more center focus in others. most of the growth in santa clara will happen in san jose. also in the process we have been coordinating with the cities of oakland and san jose and a big transportation providers, we knew that the big three cities there is leadership in this process; if we were not okay with what was proposed, we have to make surethat we have a voice. a lot of this in san jose. >> unlike san francisco, in san jose most of the job centers are not within the dow
. >>> just ahead, double dose of good news for the economy. a look at latest numbers out today. >>> search for what caused deadly parking garage collapse and a worker who is still missing. >>> new information on what caused tragic death >>> good news for the economy. number of people filing for new unemployment claims has fallen to lowest level in 4 thank you years. 339,000 people applied for un-- 4 1/2 years. 2339,000 people applied the least since 2008. experts say the numbers suggest higher something strong enough to lower unemployment rate. >>> foreclosure filings hit five year low report released this morning shows foreclosures are down nationwide an average of almost 7% over last month and down 13% from a year ago. the report shows foreclosure properties are selling at higher prices 12% more on average. >>> searchers in miami expect the death toll to climb to four after massive parking collapse at a miami college a third person died hours after rescuers pulled him from the concrete. authorities expect to find a fourth body of a worker who has been missing since yesterday's collapse.
political conversation. from president's lackluster showing to an improving economy. >> there is one sign of the economy, shoppers lined up for opening of a clothing store. >> i feel like we've picked up but i don't know for the rev of the country. >> labor department shows rest of the country is improving 114,000 new jobs and numbers show 86,000 than originally reported taking away a line of mitt romney's stump speech. >> we've had 43 months of unemployment above 8%. >> there are supporters questioning numbers. >> this fact that the rating has been climbing suggest people feel more hopeful. >> and that is a al selling flowers in union square. he is not a supporter of president obamas. >> worst is over. >> for the president new numbers shift away away from the lackluster debate and on to pus pos tiff news on what is the biggel biggest issue in this election. >> more people are getting jobs. >> there is a carpenter that says at least they're there. >> it's slowly going to come back. >> and there is the direction of the economy that drives voters. there will be one more report before electi
be a good indicator of the economy. >> if you are going to watch the blue angels the weather should be cooperative. more of your fleet week forecast and for the weekend festivities coming up. >>pam: our top stories of lafayette police have arrested a volleyball coach for sexual misconduct. this coach was taken into custody after allegations that he was having an appropriate relationships with a female student. he is bas placed on administrative leave. >> an officer involved shooting in hayward leaving one man dead. he is accused of stealing a car. he did not put his hands up he instead reached for a weapon and officers fired. the have not identified the weapon that was used. >> with a ton of items with fighter jets flying above as the blue angels have the big show for fleet week. and the bluegrass festival kicked off today at golden gate park. it is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of people. the big topic on the campaign trial is the new jobs report. the unemployment rate fell at 7.8%. however, the president and the candidate are making very takes catherine heenan has more.
it because it takes the attention off the debate and puts the attention on a recovering economy. >> questions raised by prominent romney backer ge executive jack welch put the challenger in a tough spot. >> if he agrees with it, where's the evidence? and if he disagrees with it, once of his principle supporters is problematic. >> set to release one more job's report four days before the november election. ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the rate dropped from 8.1% because the number of people who got jobs soared. biggest monthly jump since 2003. 86,000 more jobs were added in july and august. >>> tonight at 10:30 what we found when we asked people about the economy and whether they've seen an improvement. >> on wall street the new jobs report did little to move the stock numbers. the debt crisis in europe or spain or greece are facing challenges continued to loom over investigators today. the dow was up 34 points. >>> filed plans for a $100 million initial public offering. the wireless network equipment maker has not said how many shares it plans to sell. the company's revenue nearly
debate performance to the improving economy. more on that from mark matthews. >> good morning. >> in san francisco, one sign of an improving economy, shoppers lined up around the block for the opening of a clothing store. >> i feel we have picked up. i don't know. i don't know for the rest of the country. >> the statistics show the rest of the country is improving. 114,000 new jobs added in september. revised numbers for july and august, 86,000 more jobs than originally reported, taking away a favorite line of mitt romney's stump speech. rom supporters are questioning the new labor numbers. >> i wouldn't put my mortgage numbers on these being correct. >> it's been climbing since the convention suggests that people feel more hopeful. >> it's a sign the economy is improving. >> it's stabilizing. >> reporter: he has been selling flowers on union square for 66 years. he is not a president obama but he does see what is happening on the street. >> the worst is over. >> for the president the new numbers shifted attention from the lackluster debate performance and on to a bit of positive news. >
. the two then delved into jobs, the economy and healthcare. we'll have a complete coverage for you tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu. >>> we're continuing to follow breaking news in vallejo where about a dozen homes are under evacuation as the bomb squad there clears suspected explosives. officials have evacuated one block in each direction from a home on georgia street near fern wood drive where some type of explosives were found. we're told that one person is in custody. children attending after-school programs at two local schools were sent home early. we do have a crew there, and we'll bring you a full report tonight on the 10:00 news. >>> there are fears of foul play tonight following the disappearance of a hollister woman. as robert honda report, the missing mom's vehicle was found today but it had apparently been torched. >> missing person fliers of heather carroll began showing up all over hollister when the 25-year-old mom seemingly disappeared after dropping off her daughter at school yesterday morning. a police alert was sent out de scribing her tan colored toyota suv. shortly a
glue this presidential election. we know that. jobs and the economy is still going to be the deciding issue. it is what impacts most people in this country. it's what most people are concerned about. holding on to their job and house, making it through this sluggish economy as the economy does of course continue to improve under president obama's economic plan but yesterday mitt romney gave a foreign policy speech. that's what most of the news is about this morning. he gave the speech at the virginia military institute. i always get a chuckle over the fact whenever republicans want to appear tough and give a foreign policy speech, where they say we're going to run over anybody who looks -- that we don't like basically, anywhere on the planet they always go to some military school usually peter down in south carolina this happened to be in virginia because they know they are going to get a willing audience of little cadets in their uniforms who say we're going to bomb cape town. yay! [ laughter ] >> bill: then we're going to bomb paris. yay! so any way he got tha
of this campaign which is the economy. >> john, i want to ask you about mitt romney and his foreign policy advisers and how he would differ from president obama. there's an interesting piece "new york times" in the today by david sanger, what he says of mr. romney. beyond his critique of mr. obama as failing to project american strength abroad, mr. romney has yet to fill in many of the details of how he would conduct foreign policy toward the rest of the world. and he also points out that romney has a disparate and politically fractured team of advisers that include warring tribes of neoconservatives and others. is there a coherent strategy that's coming from mitt romney on foreign policy, or is it a work in progress? >> it's absolutely a work in progress. and in part that's because you don't really know what a president's going to do until they're faced with these decisions. as david sanger wrote in his book about what president obama learned in the early parts of this presidency here, there was a covert operation going on with iran he had known nothing about when he was a candidate, that immediat
are these plans going to help me as a person in this economy? and those segments on the economy last night were fabulous. >> let me just say governor granholm focused in on a key word. who do you trust? president of the you stays has doubled down on the vice president who for weeks has methodically misled the american people. >> that's not true. >> it is true. they said flatly this week they never thought it related to the video. they always thought it was terrorism. the state department has said they asked for the security. the ambassador's own diary says he asked for the security. if you want to talk about trust, having the ambassador and three other americans killed while the president lies to you -- >> what intelligence did they get? >> within hours it showed it was a terrorist attack. people in the intelligence community said immediately it was an attack. state department said this week we never thought it was about the video. >> mr. speaker, the head of the national intelligence said their intelligence was not clear in the beginning. they did change their assessmen
the economy is the biggest ticket item. reporting in washington jacqueline fell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it's been called the worst wild fire season on record and the forest service ran out of money to fight the flames. at the end of august funding ran out to pay for the firefighters, fire trucks, and aircraft that fight the flames so the department of agricultural which runs the forest service borrowed from other forest management programs the ones that aim to prevent the big fires to begin with. congress only provided half the $1 billion it costs to fight the fires this year. >>> new report is calling u.s. navies explanation for radiation contamination on treasure island inadequate. california health regulators says the report does not exemployer the possibility that the base may have been dusted with radio active ash or soaked with aid owe active sewage. . the navy acknowledges the history was more wide spread than they thought. >>> british researcher john gerdon were awarded the prize for discovering that certain cells of the body can be reprogrammed into stem cells. it's a discovery th
will gain more jobs. our economy will grow. >> reporter: phase 1 of the plan began in april with the 57- hour demolition of this stretch of doyle drive roadway and the rerouting of traffic onto a new bypass. >> now, there is the steel bridge. so that will come down. it won't come down as quickly as the weekend demolition. it will probably be a three or four-month process. >> reporter: crews will take it apart in the reverse order it was built, and concrete columns border the famous presidio pet cemetery. >> we'll see a brand new bridge and three new tunnels and a whole new interchange. >> reporter: completion is set for 2015. there will be more lanes for the 100,000 daily drivers on the roadway, and they promise construction won't slow the current commute. >> ultimately, people will see the construction but it shouldn't impact the main line. >> reporter: the remains of doyle drive will live on in another form. it will be used to build new roads. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2news. >>> santa rosa police say that an suv was on the wrong side of the road
of the economy. and there is phone shall for wet weather. tomorrow afternoon, 63 degrees in san francisco. 70 degrees in napa. towards clear lake there may be showers developing tomorrow up there. 68 in oakland. 69 on the peninsula. it's a mild sunny afternoon. monterey bay, 64 in monterey. there is tomorrow game three of the playoff service in the evening. a's host tigers, 6:00 we're looking at 9:00 degrees there is a game getting under way at 6:07. there is accu-weather forecast enproducing a chance of showers well below normal for this time of the year. there is a warmer pattern friday throughout the weekend. bumping up to low 80s by sunday, inland. so there is not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people want the chance. there is a winner announced here on abc 7 october 18th. you can enter, too go to and click the button for details. someone out there going to win $49,000. >> that is a lot of money. >> yes. >> and some football to baseball still to come here. boys back in town. there are a's out. >> at 6:00 stem cell researcher won the nobel prize for medicine for wor
with messages about the economy and protests sometimes turned violent. abc 7 news is joining us live. >> good evening, you can see two dozen people turned out to mark the anniversary of a movement this is the way they've chosen to mark the anniversary of the occupy oakland movement. there is a year ago today they started camping out at frank ogowa plaza. the cents would come down, peaceful participants took a back seat to demonstrators and city hall and businesses were once again the target of pro testors breaking windows. some acknowledge there was a cause behind original movement. >> i hope people continue to speak about these things and not just forget when the new line up comes on. >> and i wish this message would be more peaceful. and this is my city. i love this city. and. >> this group started a year ago has not gone away but have lost some numbers, today they plan a birthday party here. >> there is a business that had been the target in the past are now boarding up windows and we can see police departments officers standing by and there is tents that went up became an eye sore to peop
hard on the economy, the numbers. he is a numbers guy. he will try to make sure that what he says coincide with governor romney. vice president biden will try to convince undecided voters and also we think vice president biden will try not to make one of his famous gaffs. >> that's what we were just talking about. randall, live in kentucky, thanks so much. >> should be fun. >> reporter: we hope he does so we'll have something to talk about. >> of course. >> true. [ laughter ] >> thank you, randall. you can catch live coverage of the debate tonight at 6:00 on cbs 5 and if you are not near a tv. >>> 5:08. the oakland as staying alive in the play-offs a big win against the tigers last night and today they will have home field advantage in a do or die game 5. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us now with more on the as fever. do you have a little bit of that fever? >> reporter: i do. go big or go home? they went big and now they are home. we are happy for that. last night's game definitely ended with some uproar. >> right field base hit seth smith coming around and the oakl
is in the mid 1980s there was the farm economy which basically collapsed in the midwest. what you had was a much worse economic environment in those states and the rest of the country, you had a republican in the white house, two terms of reagan. the voters seemed to take it out on the incumbent party in a way that didn't happen anywhere else. i'm looking at, for instance, a state like ohio where obama has been consistent. the economy is better in ohio than it is around the country. you have the auto bailout that obama put in place has clearly helped that state. could it be that he has a leg up in a state like ohio and a few others like iowa that he doesn't have anywhere else in the country and there are two separate elections? i'm seriously wondering. >> there's a point to what you're making partly because if we go against steve on the numbers we're going to lose. >> who would do that. never. >> there is definitely noise in the national number because there are states in the south and appalacia where obama's numbers are depressed and other states where it's closer. all of that factored into the
they're talking about, you'll see voters understand that the best plan for moving our economy forward lies with the president. >> most people who were polled, it's not a giant gap, but it's a substantial gap, i think it's fair to say, think that paul ryan is going to win, if you will, win the debate. if you pop up that poll there. what do you think are the biggest strengths and weaknesses? and be genuine, strengths and weaknesses of the vice president? >> at the end of the day, this is a wonderful thing. if you want an authentic politician, there's no more raw, authentic politics than you get from the vice president. he is who he is. and i'm hoping that comes on tonight. because i think the american public are going to see a guy who's really passionate and gets very excited about the dramatic differences. now, that means that sometimes people accuse him of going off-script or whatever. >> which he does. accuse him and he does. >> but that's refreshing to me. i really crave,rom both sides. this is why i liked mccain back in 1992, when he was running. because it was a rawness, it was a
knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. >>> we've got a lot of baseball to get to. let's go quickly, the detroit tigers last night in a game five out in oakland. won 6-0 behind that man, this was a decisive game five. the oakland a's season ending because of justin verlander alone. a complete game shutout with 11 strikeouts. an incredible performance. the tigers move on to the alcs. who will they play? more late-night drama in the bronx between the yankees and orioles. after suffering a walkoff loss in extras, orioles facing elimination late into the night. game four down to the wire. we start in the fifth. phil hughes pitched well for the yankees, gave up only that solo home run. the on
would wish that all the social issues would just go away, and they could just talk about the economy, talk about taxes, talk about regulations, talk about getting people back to work. i think and i don't know but just judging by his record over the past ten years, i think he sees abortion as a sort of maddening distraction from what he considers to be his main agenda, which is work and jobs. >> do you -- okay. do you really think he thinks that, that it's something that -- you don't think he has a gut feeling about it, a belief? >> i don't think he has a core conviction about what the federal government should do with abortion. again, you look at how much he's gone back and forth. again, there are a lot of republicans, there are a lot of conservative republicans, mike, who -- what? >> i believe it's an impractical issue for anybody trying to run for president as a republican. i'm asking what you think he believes. >> that's what i'm telling you. all you have to do is see how many times he's changed on abortion to know this isn't at his he core. you can look at his record and know wha
in california. one benefit is a boost to the state's economy. money is pouring in to try to influence the outcomes. reporting from washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the pain that pump is starting to subside. the average price in california dropped about a penny to $4.66 a gallon. some stations in the bay area are charging more than that. the highest price in the bay area at $5.19 a gallon. that isane san bruno -- is in san bruno. and prices have a long way to go. >>> testing of the bart tracks could cause delays. testing begins tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. service will be reduced to single tracks. then on saturday the trains will run in the manual setting in both directions which will cause 5-10 minute delays. it ends saturday night. >>> two people in custody after a crime spree in washington state. more on the possible connection to a murder here in hercules. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >
be pursuing legislation to figure out how to fix this economy, is the first thing he should be doing. >> i do think, though, you either stand for something or you don't. people -- if the president comes out and says i'm for something, you expect him to pursue policies that are consistent with that. i think this is really a case of him having it both ways on the choice issue. >> the point is there's nothing to do with legislation, things like doing international funding for abortions which he says he won't do. >> you agree that it is confusing to people when you say one moment that you're not going to pursue any policies that are restrictive of abortion and on the next day you say i'm pro life, right? it is confusing to people. >> no. by the way, i am very glad he's doing this, as a republican. >> i'm sure you're glad because it's moderate mitt and you're a moderate person. >> we'll leave it here and have you back in the 6:00 hour. you can continue this discussion. thank you very much. >>> john, at the top of the hour we'll talk with bret o'donnell, a veteran president debate coach credited wi
saw two dramatically different visions, from the economy. >> the last people who need help are 120,000 families for another -- another $500 billion tax cut over the next ten years. >> our entire premise of these tax reform plans is to grow the economy and greet jobs. >> reporter: to national security threats, like a nuclear iran. >> and if they get nuclear weapons, other people in the neighborhood will pursue their nuclear weapons as well. >> war should always be the absolute last resort. >> reporter: for the most part it was a substantive debate between two longtime lawmakers who tried to disagree without being too disagreeable. >> when my friend talks about -- >> reporter: biden avoided any trademark gaffes but did provide a little levity. >> this is a bunch of stuff. like, here's the sgleel what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> it means it's simply inaccurate. >> it's irish. >> we irish call us malarkey. >> thanks for the translation. >> dana, the stuff was certainly flying at that debate last night to quote joe biden there. a debate with a lot of substance, as we've all bee
to our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street... >> the obama campaign released this ad just this morning and it pokes more fun at homicide's pledge to cut funding for public television. a pew research survey three weeks ago gave president obama an 8-point lead among likely voters. now romney has taken a 4-point lead in an updated survey. he is excited about his chances of winning next month. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this. this is unbelievable, thank you so much. >> he campaigned in the pouring rain in virginia yesterday after giving a speech blasting president obama's foreign policy. and as campaign 2012 heats up, is holding a series of presidential forums online. the candidates answering our questions, today's topic the role of government, big versus small. >>> two men shot to death while driving through west oakland and this morning, police are looking for their killer. police received reports of shots fired at filbert and 10th streets just before 10:00 last night. two victi
season? >> 7 in 10 consumers feel like the economy is abysmal. only 3% felt like things were going well. and one in four american parents felt like they weren't going to be able to buy everything for their kids that they wanted this year, which is depressing. the other thing that's interesting, national retail federation came out with a study saying spending will only be up at around 4%, and that's at around $600 for a family. so don't expect big increase in spending this year. >> cotter, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >>> coming up in just a bit, the s&p is coming off four straight days of losses. we'll ask scott nations in the bulls can turn that trend. but first as we head to a break tar take a look at yesterday's winners and losers. [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accou
on the economy by showcasing how the auto makers are doing. he said critics told him to just let detroit auto makers to go bankrupt and not intervene. he is telling people a few weeks before the election day that he made the right call saving america's jobs. >> we refuse to let them go bankrupt. i bet on their ingenuity and three years later the bet is paying off in a big way. today auto sales are the highest they have been in four years. gm is back. ford and chrysler are growing again. together our auto industry has created more than a quarter million new jobs right here in america. >>> the response said the obama administration has pushed regulations that make it difficult for businesses, saying the economy doesn't need more meddling, it needs more certainty. >>> the next presidential debate is tuesday from president obama and mitt romney meet at hofstra university in new york. this one will have a town hall format. abr7 will carry it live tuesday at 6:00 p.m.. >>> speaking of american jobs, today san jose city leaders hold the fifth annual youth job fair from 9:00 this morning until noon i
not be an excuse for the other side to try to talk down the economy. skwrufts just to try to score a few political points. >>> it sparked a rally on the market. it finished mixed though, nasdaq lost 13. >>> silicone valley network company filed to go public. they filed for a public offers worth $100 million. rukis builds wi-fi networks and competes with cisco systems, no word when they will debut or what shares might cost. >>> the pablo foods, highly controversial system to verify the immigration sat us of all new hires. homeland security is looking into the citizenship status of the company's employees after hearing reports of illegal immigrant workers. they called for a boycott but now says it will back off the issue and boycott because they refuse to sign a labor agreement. >>> concern for some bay area parents who learn their children are part of a sexting probe. >> reporter: there is always something extra involved when you are playing a rivally game. that is the case in our high school game of the week. i got a report, coming up. >>> a busy weekend rapidly approaching. coming up, forecast f
trillion economy, 250,000 state employees, 10,000 schools, the biggest prison system in the country. there is a lot to cover, a lot of room for waste, fraud, and corruption, with just 35 reporters covering state government, it is very hard to keep up." let me ask you, what are politicians getting away with right now? [laughter] >> i do not know if we get away with this, but i do agree that the state of california, the people of california are not served well when we do not have a robust media. the fact is that oftentimes, you have reporters who are not as experienced, may not have as many sources, and as a result, they end up being rather superficial in some of their ridings, and that is not a good thing. it is extremely important to have a robust media to hold all of us accountable. part of the solution is what you hear here, which is a catalyst of individuals in new media, different types of media, and i think that is extremely important. i would say, however, that one of the things that is extremely important is that all of these alternative media outlets begin to establish a cod
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